Eeek…we’ve started a blog.

That's me!
That’s me!

So what the hell am I meant to write on a blog? Well, to be honest I guess I’m not entirely sure, but probably all those things we talk about while we’re out riding and we say ‘oh, that should go in a blog’. Countless times we’ve said that and I know that there are so many tangents this could travel to.

But really, all this blog is about is to share some of that fun stuff that happens on rides, and is far too big to put on Facebook or Twitter. Most of it is funny, some of it is very serious and some of it just plain ridiculous…like what the Wheel Women Rules might be.

Starting there, you all know that if you cry at Wheel Women, you automatically are stripped of your colours! TRUE STORY! So in the coming months I expect to be stripped of my own colours over and over as I swear curse and cry while I learn how to get this blog working…oh, actually, I think I’ve already lost them before I do this first post. I might be a seen to be a tech savvy designer by some, but actually I’m pretty crap at this stuff. But I’ll give anything a shot and perseverance usually leads to tears at some point.

I think what you all know is that this blog is about our bike riding, women on bikes, women riding at non-elite and non-competitivelevels and women just having FUN with each other with bikes as the common theme. We all have a story to tell and I know over the months these stories will be shared and laughed about…we’ll laugh together okay!

If you have something you want to say about women and bikes, then tell us…we’d like to hear your story. For now, I’ll put the thinking cap on and try to get all that stuff out there that you have asked me about and requested i put on a bog or on the website…I hope I can do it!

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