Yes, call yourself a cylist…because you CAN!

Thanks for the mention from Womenwhocycle in the latest blog: (…/when-can-i-call-myself-a-cyclist/)

It’s all about the ‘This Girl Can’ campaign in the UK….if you haven’t seen it we posted it back on January 9th on our Facebook page and it sure did get a lot of hits. (

It is a great campaign, but there has also been the other side to it that suggests it still objectifies women’s sexuality – interesting and valid points raised (and you can read that article here: Not sure I totally agree when it has resonated with SO MANY WOMEN AROUND THE WORLD!!

I’m a little ‘opposite’ to Nicola, as she mentions in her article that she tried to get out of sport at school. On the contrary, I would have been happy if we had sport for just about every lesson…but my problem was I was no good at it. At least that is what I thought because I compared myself to the others in my class who were better, taller, thinner, faster, prettier….everything I wasn’t!!

cyclsitsI really wanted to be the girl who won the ribbons, or the one with my name on the honour board and I never was. But when I look back now and look at where my life has taken me to, I have a giggle…as I jiggle!

My dream of having a sports lesson every day has come true…and it’s come true because I just don’t care about what others say I should be, or what ANY woman should be when she is engaging in a physical activity. Your’e right Nicola from Women Who Cycle. I LOVE this campaign – it epitomises our whole philosophy at Wheel Women!

At Wheel Women we truly don’t care what shape you are, or how ‘unfit’ you tell us you are. We don’t care what bike you have or what brand it is…if it has two wheels and it moves, you’re IN! If you sweat with just one lap around a short path on the bike…so what! You look great because we can also see the inner smile – we know how that feels and it’s really COOL!!

DSCF9026Read Nicola’s blog – I agree with her. You’re a runner, you’re a swimmer, you’re a ‘cyclist’ and you’re a bike rider as soon as you get moving! Don’t try to fit what is the perception of others…you do it how you want to, on your terms, jiggle it, shake it and be proud you made the decision to get moving and to do something for YOU!!

Most of all, don’t worry about that stupid trophy ribbon…just get out there and laugh, smile and be with the ‘girls’!

Read the Blog:…/when-can-i-call-myself-a-cyclist/

See the campaign:…/this-girl-can-sport-england…

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