Finding the fire in your belly…my little New Year message!

img_3099-1Pink has always been my colour…it’s just something that has stuck. And like a lot of things, they get stuck – including me.

It’s been a tough year I’ll admit – loss of passion, loss of friends, loss of motivation, injury, illness and a bunch of other crap that just seemed to always get in the way of a good time. I’ve struggled to keep fit, struggled to maintain a positive body image and been frustrated that I have not been able to ride as much as I would normally.

There’s been the issue of watching so many other women’s ride groups jump on that same crest that we started on 4 years ago, wrestled with what seems a perception that Wheel Women is seen to be for ‘beginners only’ (which we know it isn’t) and there have been the challenges of how to keep riders motivated…and that has been the hardest of all when I haven’t been motivated myself!

I knew that with the close of the year there had to be a spark, somewhere, that could fly from my belly to re-ignite the passion and the drive. The desire to change things fired up as the year started to draw to a close and I realized I was just letting a whole bunch of stuff get in the way of the task I set out to do 4 years ago…find some friends to ride with!

So I’ve been kidding myself…I have friends to ride with, hundreds of you! I have the best bunch of women to ride with I could imagine – riders, coaches, friends. It’s perfect!

And why should I be so worried about body image – I’m half the size I was several years ago and WAY fitter, and though I might watch with envy as others find the hills easier, or buy the size S jersey, I also know that I have the mental resolve to always climb whatever hill there is (both physically and metaphorically)….my own little Everests!

And what about all those other ride groups…I know we still offer something truly unique and wonderful. I’ve seen non-riders become riders (dozens of them!), I’ve seen those who thought they couldn’t, do remarkable things, and I’ve seen riders laugh and cry. Wheel Women is a success, I don’t care what others may say…and we all know success is sweet!

Today I finished the year on a high…the pink on my bike has gone, replaced with orange. It’s for a reason – I wanted that fire in my belly to come back. So I added a little orange fire streak on my bike!

So the change started today – I set some personal records. I rode faster than I had in a while. I smashed a little hill that had always got the better of me and remarkably set the third fastest women’s time for the year on that hill (and I know we don’t do Strava at WW) – I have been quietly fist pumping to myself all day!! I stepped away from feeling like everything was against me and said ‘watch me’!

May 2017 bring you a little fire in your belly too, I hope you will ride with me again and be brave to stand against the words that say you can’t, your too big, too old, too thin, too slow, too unfit, that your bike is not good enough or that you don’t have anyone to ride with. That is why Wheel Women exists…so we can simply say, watch me!

Happy New Year gang…




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