About Wheel Women

I’m a bike rider, and face it that’s important! Well, I think it is because I know that by getting on my bike everyday and getting a sore ass every week I’m actually doing a whole lot to save my life…yes, I cycle for life. Literally!

When I was kid I rode my bike everywhere, and with three older brothers I didn’t have much choice to do anything but that if I wanted to keep up with them. But as I got older and work and family got in the way of, well, having fun, I forgot about the bike.

I had a child and ended up with gestational diabetes – my chance of acquiring mature onset Type 2 diabetes has increased substantially. My father dies of a massive heart attack at age 52, my chance of developing heart disease is increased. As I got older and the weight started to stack on, I knew I was a ticking time-bomb.

But the bike still lay dusty and neglected in the shed and was covered in cobwebs, despite my risks of illness. I rode occasionally and with a small child it seemed pretty cool to join all the other funky mums with kids on the back of their bikes. But the truth was, when I did it, I found it really hard!

Long gone were the days of backpacking through Denmark and riding like a responsibility-free 20-something! Now riding a bike was suddenly hard, and it sure wasn’t fun. How the hell did that happen?

So, with a bit of determination, a burning desire to join my son and husband on their bike rides, I dragged the bike out of the shed. Many rides ended in tears and bike-throwing dummy spits of frustration. But the truth is, all it took was a few rides, some good advice, and I was feeling the joy and freedom I felt as that 27 year old backpacker in Denmark…I haven’t looked back, and I’m doing something positive to keep the ticking time-bomb of mature onset diabetes and heart disease away.

Tina McCarthy

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