A woman on her bike is a truly beautiful thing


‘Look out!’ yelled the male bike rider as he zoomed past some pedestrians on the track. He was sitting on my tail for a little while as we approached the walkers; they had no clue as to what was happening as they stepped out their evening exercise with ears blocked by headphones. But they sure did hear his aggro yell, and I guess were a little aggro themselves at the attitude.

To tell you the truth, I was a little aggro too! Why is it that this guy decided to scream “Look out!” in the tone he used (which I can assure you was not a passive request). Why was there a need to use such an accusatory tone with the innocent walkers, as if they had no right to be on the track…surely a tingle of the bell and a call of ‘Passing” would have sufficed.

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What is it with people who rides bikes….

Tina in DK

I was reminded today of an amazing journey, one that took place around 23 years ago. But it still seems like yesterday and it is a journey which was a game changer…I just didn’t know it at the time.

Sometimes those moments in life where we think we have it all are lost quickly. Trashed in a nano-second by a negative comment, or by a desire to acquire something we thought was important but wasn’t, a new job or maybe a bad day. How many times has that happened to you?

So here is what my reminder was. I was asked by Tim Goldby of the Bicycle Channel to supply some photos, if I could, of my time in Denmark which I had mentioned to him. Tim has been making a small film about Wheel Women for his Bicycle Channel short film series (check it out via Twitter, https://twitter.com/tbc_tv), and during the course of filming Tim asked me if I had always been a bike rider.

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