Denial…the before and after.

We all love a before and after shot right? All those lumps, bulges and bumps that are so humiliating for the person in the photo, and then the stunning, though possibly Photoshopped forward step in time.

But what if you were the subject of the photo? How would you feel about showing the ungracious truth of what you really look like? Seriously, think about…despite the fact it might have the fairytale ‘after’ shot, how would you REALLY feel to let people see you at your worst?

Well, I decided to do that today. I have posted everywhere what I think is the most embarrassing and humiliating photo ever…and I did it intentionally too.


A little while back my husband told me he had been looking through some old holiday photos. He wasn’t specific about any one photo, but rather just commented that “you should have a look at the photos from New Zealand…I’m glad you like riding now.”

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Do it YOUR way!

I’m usually pretty quick to post our ride photos. But I decided today to hold off for a while and just digest what for me, was a very moving moment yesterday.

When I go out riding I think my overwhelming emotion is ‘This is FUN’, but I also get a huge sense of freedom – just being able to forget a few of those usual burdens for a while is such a release and a great way to focus. But yesterday I was overcome with a different emotion; an enormous sense of satisfaction! I could see in action something occurring that was really one of the ultimate aims of setting up Wheel Women. And for me is by far the most beautiful part!

tinamscycle2 copy

Does my smile say how I feel on the bike?

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A woman on her bike is a truly beautiful thing


‘Look out!’ yelled the male bike rider as he zoomed past some pedestrians on the track. He was sitting on my tail for a little while as we approached the walkers; they had no clue as to what was happening as they stepped out their evening exercise with ears blocked by headphones. But they sure did hear his aggro yell, and I guess were a little aggro themselves at the attitude.

To tell you the truth, I was a little aggro too! Why is it that this guy decided to scream “Look out!” in the tone he used (which I can assure you was not a passive request). Why was there a need to use such an accusatory tone with the innocent walkers, as if they had no right to be on the track…surely a tingle of the bell and a call of ‘Passing” would have sufficed.

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What is it with people who rides bikes….

Tina in DK

I was reminded today of an amazing journey, one that took place around 23 years ago. But it still seems like yesterday and it is a journey which was a game changer…I just didn’t know it at the time.

Sometimes those moments in life where we think we have it all are lost quickly. Trashed in a nano-second by a negative comment, or by a desire to acquire something we thought was important but wasn’t, a new job or maybe a bad day. How many times has that happened to you?

So here is what my reminder was. I was asked by Tim Goldby of the Bicycle Channel to supply some photos, if I could, of my time in Denmark which I had mentioned to him. Tim has been making a small film about Wheel Women for his Bicycle Channel short film series (check it out via Twitter,, and during the course of filming Tim asked me if I had always been a bike rider.

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