Velo City Global 2014 Conference…what I left with.

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This is my pre-conference Tweet before I received an invitation to attend and present!

It really was an extraordinary experience to be mingling at the Velo City Global Conference 2014 in Adelaide with such great thinkers and ‘doers’ when it comes to bikes, infrastructure and creating change. I’m still reeling from the fact I was even invited to be a part of it and to present. And super excited about the fact we were a finalist in both the Leadership and Behaviour Change categories of the Cycling Luminaries Awards.

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The Cycling Luminaries brochure

 Being alone at a conference like that forces you to meet people and talk. As soon as I told people about Wheel Women then the doors of conversation immediately opened. The presentation itself drew a nice crowd and many questions afterwards, as well as a whole bunch of business cards being handed to me! People were not just genuinely interested, they were excited!

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