Some things I learned after launching a women’s cycling site: a response to Wade Wallace

I’ll admit that this was a blog post I could not leave alone…perhaps I should. But as a previous recipient of the Iris Dixon Women’s Champion Award from Cycling Victoria I’m not hesitating to respond to what Wade Wallce, founder of Cycling Tips website, had to say on this morning’s Ella Cycling Tips website post in his article ‘Nine things I learned about launching a women’s cycling website’.

irisLast year winning the iris Dixon Award, and this year’s recipient’s Ella Cycling Tips


Last Sunday Ella Cycling Tips received the Cycling Victoria Iris Dixon Award for 2016 for their achievements in creating a women’s version of the Cycling Tips website in an effort to increase the awareness of women’s cycling and raise the profile of the sport. There is no doubt they have achieved much and they are to be congratulated for what they have created and what has clearly been a monumental task.

But when Wade posted ‘Nine things I learned after launching a women’s cycling website’ I was intrigued…here is a bloke writing about what he has learned about setting up a site dedicated to women! My quiet chuckles aside, I read with interest because I take this stuff seriously. I run a business, website, blog and social media dedicated to women’s cycling.
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If the shoe fits….


Shoe choice can be a baffling decision for the new rider moving from running shoes to clip-in pedals, and the price points can seem just as fraught with confusion coupled with a degree of price envy when making a purchase! We all want that bargain for less than recommended retail right?  But just exactly what is is that makes a $100 shoe different to the $450 shoe? I was asked this question recently when I posted a photo of my lovely shoe collection on social media…why do I love the S-Works so much was the question posed. Why are they so different to the rest? Continue reading

Buying a road bike…feeling confused?

When you don’t know anything about what you’re looking at the whole bike shop experience can be daunting; so many bikes, so many components, so many different bits of advice and so much very cool looking bike bling to tempt! Buying a new bike can be super confusing! Continue reading

From self doubt to self belief…the journey of the woman cyclist.

As she crossed the line at that 50km gantry at ride’s end, she was laughing, and smiling, and crying…all at the same time. The emotions flooded in and crossing the line was almost impossible as the tears clouded her vision and the laughter took her breath away. Exhausted, barely able to get off the bike and depleted of every last bit of energy, she did it…and she believed that 6 months ago she would never do this. We hugged as she suddenly burst into sobs of joy.


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I will never look like someone from the pro peloton…

My kind of scales…just 15kg!

Those bloody New Year resolutions…everyone is writing about them, and everyone is writing about how to ignore them, and everyone is writing about how they fail. It’s old news – in fact, if you’ve read up to this point I guess that’s a little miracle in itself!

As a cycling coach I can’t tell you how many of these little promises people tell me they make, and how many promise me that they’ll turn up to more rides, or get ‘more serious’ after New Year, or work harder to get fit…oh my, I hope it’s not YOU I’m referring to.
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What if I’m too slow, what if I’m too unfit….the Wheel Women Awards. Be inspired!

Sigh…I can here you say it. ‘Not another bloody It’s-Christmas-haven’t-we-had-a-fantastic-year blog post’. Yes you can stop reading right now if you wish…but what if you were to read on? What if there is something good in what I am going to say…better still, what if there is something that inspires you?
There is a lot to say after a year at Wheel Women and we just can’t possibly fit it all in one post. And that’s been the problem for me…so much happens at Wheel Women that I’m usually just far too busy to even do all the blogs and writing I’d love to do. Sometimes so much happens I don’t even know where to start.

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I’d like to get home for Christmas please! (or When a van hits a bike).

I needed to just get a few things off my chest…that van driver who nearly wiped me out was a rude bastard in a place he should never have been. I don’t wish him any malice, I just want him to know he that he nearly ruined Christmas for a whole bunch of people…not least himself, but he didn’t care. In fact he was just angry – was he angry because he was late, or angry because he just lost his job, or was he angry because he got a fright?

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Breaking Down The Barriers

For the latest on what Wheel Women says about #barriers to women’s cycling, see our post we wrote for Ella Cycling Tips: Breaking Down The Barriers


Where did you get all that gear?

It’s amazing how many times I get asked where I find certain bits of gear I use when I’m cycling. I thought everyone was obsessed with finding that PERFECT item for their cycling adventures and scoured the web in search of those elusive items like I do.

Okay, so maybe I spend too much time scouring the web and not doing what I should be doing, but I have managed to find some COOL stuff that might be helpful. Since I seem to get asked the same things over and over, I decided to just blog it all! Continue reading

Yes, call yourself a cylist…because you CAN!

Thanks for the mention from Womenwhocycle in the latest blog: (…/when-can-i-call-myself-a-cyclist/)

It’s all about the ‘This Girl Can’ campaign in the UK….if you haven’t seen it we posted it back on January 9th on our Facebook page and it sure did get a lot of hits. (

It is a great campaign, but there has also been the other side to it that suggests it still objectifies women’s sexuality – interesting and valid points raised (and you can read that article here: Not sure I totally agree when it has resonated with SO MANY WOMEN AROUND THE WORLD!!

I’m a little ‘opposite’ to Nicola, as she mentions in her article that she tried to get out of sport at school. On the contrary, I would have been happy if we had sport for just about every lesson…but my problem was I was no good at it. At least that is what I thought because I compared myself to the others in my class who were better, taller, thinner, faster, prettier….everything I wasn’t!!

cyclsitsI really wanted to be the girl who won the ribbons, or the one with my name on the honour board and I never was. But when I look back now and look at where my life has taken me to, I have a giggle…as I jiggle!

My dream of having a sports lesson every day has come true…and it’s come true because I just don’t care about what others say I should be, or what ANY woman should be when she is engaging in a physical activity. Your’e right Nicola from Women Who Cycle. I LOVE this campaign – it epitomises our whole philosophy at Wheel Women!

At Wheel Women we truly don’t care what shape you are, or how ‘unfit’ you tell us you are. We don’t care what bike you have or what brand it is…if it has two wheels and it moves, you’re IN! If you sweat with just one lap around a short path on the bike…so what! You look great because we can also see the inner smile – we know how that feels and it’s really COOL!!

DSCF9026Read Nicola’s blog – I agree with her. You’re a runner, you’re a swimmer, you’re a ‘cyclist’ and you’re a bike rider as soon as you get moving! Don’t try to fit what is the perception of others…you do it how you want to, on your terms, jiggle it, shake it and be proud you made the decision to get moving and to do something for YOU!!

Most of all, don’t worry about that stupid trophy ribbon…just get out there and laugh, smile and be with the ‘girls’!

Read the Blog:…/when-can-i-call-myself-a-cyclist/

See the campaign:…/this-girl-can-sport-england…

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