The winning…and the losing. So that was 2018.

Gathering some strength for the new year to come…better, happier, stronger.

That #bestnine on Instagram is a funny thing isn’t it…you let a computer algorithm decide your highlights for the year. It’s the anomaly that exists on social media that we post the best of ourselves, the way we want the world to see us: the Wheel Women #bestnine is a glorious exposé of wins, success, fun, laughter and a little bit of adventure. But the saddest part is that I had to ask a friend to remind me what was great in the year almost gone.

No computer algorithm could remind me of the loss, the frustration, the hard work, the late nights, the disagreements, the tears…oh yes, and sometimes the incredible lack of tears behind the pictures. Fighting against that human spirit when it falls in a heap is like climbing a small Everest, and no algorithm will ever be able to detect the pain behind some of the pictures it selects as your #bestnine. Continue reading The winning…and the losing. So that was 2018.

Do I look fat in this?

Don’t you hate that question? How many times have you asked yourself when you put on your new cycling gear? Okay, okay I hear you say…’no lycra necessary’ right?

One of the reasons I use that little line with Wheel Women is because I know that so many women feel really put-off not so much by what lycra is and how it looks or feels, but because of what it represents to them. Think about it – when we think lycra and cycling, we think guys-in-lycra-going-fast-and-yelling-at-us-and-telling-us-we-have-no-place-in-cycling. So it is really the analogy we instantly make about what lycra represents…but there is more to it than that.
tina pinkThis week the whole lycra thing was at the front of my mind for several reasons: first, I was handing out the team jerseys for our Around The Bay ride, and second, I was reminded of the ‘lycra-lesson’ this week with two brilliant and honest blogs from Sarah Connolly ( and also from Anna the @Blooming Cyclist ( Their articles struck a BIG chord with me.

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