If the shoe fits….


Shoe choice can be a baffling decision for the new rider moving from running shoes to clip-in pedals, and the price points can seem just as fraught with confusion coupled with a degree of price envy when making a purchase! We all want that bargain for less than recommended retail right?  But just exactly what is is that makes a $100 shoe different to the $450 shoe? I was asked this question recently when I posted a photo of my lovely shoe collection on social media…why do I love the S-Works so much was the question posed. Why are they so different to the rest? Continue reading If the shoe fits….

Northwave Starlight SRS road shoes

To be honest, my knees are not a fan of me wearing road shoes or road pedals when I go riding. Their pink scars tell the story of just one or two falls that were worthy of the best ‘funniest home videos’. So you can imagine the fear as my knees froze into submission when I mentioned that Northwave had asked me to review their Starlight SRS women’s road shoe.IMG_1982 Continue reading Northwave Starlight SRS road shoes