Why do I have so many gloves?

Picture this: the start gun has blasted, the crowd cheers and bit by bit the snake of lycra clad warriors edges forward to the start gantry. Timer running, anticipation of the hills is thick in the air…but WAIT!! HOLD EVERYTHING!!

Has anyone seen my gloves…hello….HAS ANYONE SEEN MY ^%*&#^ GLOVES!!

Yep, this is what happened to me. But as that snake of riders crept further toward the start line, and gradually the crowd started to thin, my temper flared to bike throwing point and I knew this called for drastic action lest I be the last rider across the start line….and one without gloves!

I ran to the nearest pop-up stall and paid the hefty sum of $30 for some new gloves that didn’t even match my kit…what was I thinking!! Riding without hand protection is one thing, but non-matching gloves. You have got to be kidding!

So I admit, I have a draw full of gloves! In an effort to justify this gelled and leather collection that my better half happened upon and promptly asked for an explanation, I think a review of the items is my ticket out of this rather unsettling discussion at home. ‘But you see sweet better-half, this is important research…I need to test ALL these gloves.’

I don’t think he fell for the research excuse, but here’s the reviews…. Continue reading Why do I have so many gloves?