The fun gift I inherited…risk!

Genes are a funny thing aren’t they. I’ve got green eyes and olive skin, yet my sister has blue eyes and fair skin…my brothers all have ginger beards, as does my son. How we look is something we just have no say in when we are born. But what goes on inside is also something we have no say in – I’m not talking about our emotions or our feelings. I’m talking about all that gooey stuff on the inside that controls how our body works – the stuff we don’t see like blood, chromosomes and even cholesterol.

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The fear of not making 52…


“If I could just stop all the heavy breathing I’d be happy, but hang on…it’s okay, I’m walking up a hill. This must be okay, anybody would puff up this hill. Gosh I’m so sweaty today too…it’s not that hot. But yep, I’m working out walking up this hill, it’s hard work, maybe I should get some leggings for this…I’m sure everyone puffs and pants up this one.” Continue reading The fear of not making 52…

Velo City Global 2014 Conference…what I left with.

Screen Shot 2014-06-03 at 11.07.18 am

This is my pre-conference Tweet before I received an invitation to attend and present!

It really was an extraordinary experience to be mingling at the Velo City Global Conference 2014 in Adelaide with such great thinkers and ‘doers’ when it comes to bikes, infrastructure and creating change. I’m still reeling from the fact I was even invited to be a part of it and to present. And super excited about the fact we were a finalist in both the Leadership and Behaviour Change categories of the Cycling Luminaries Awards.

IMG_1391 IMG_1388

The Cycling Luminaries brochure

 Being alone at a conference like that forces you to meet people and talk. As soon as I told people about Wheel Women then the doors of conversation immediately opened. The presentation itself drew a nice crowd and many questions afterwards, as well as a whole bunch of business cards being handed to me! People were not just genuinely interested, they were excited!

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