Get real…this ain’t the Kardashians!

There is a photo of me taken in 2012, just before embarking on my first Great Vic Bike Ride. I’m wearing the team jersey which was kind of firm at the time. I was a tad embarrassed, but secretly happy because I never imagined I’d ever dare wear lycra…hence our tag line of ‘no lycra necessary!’


That’s me above in the very firm team jersey, and the even firmer one I was wearing on the bike in the pic on the right! Lucky you can’t see how tight the knicks were!

With 2015 just around the corner everyone is telling us to find a New Years resolution, work out how to be a better you, get a facelift, buy a Porsche, lose all the Christmas weight and even find time for that ‘new life’ you’ve been wanting! For crying out loud what is this? Continue reading Get real…this ain’t the Kardashians!

BBB Clothing Product review

BBB….bbbut I did everything I could to destroy but nothing worked!

Okay, I agree. Telling a supplier that you intend to trash their gear is probably not what they want to hear. So when BBB offered for me to try out some of their products I kept my intentions quiet. But the offer was timely – I was headed off to the Great Victorian Bike Ride! Renowned for the basic camp conditions and potential for anything white to end up grey, this was going to be my testing ground.IMG_5233

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