Some things I learned after launching a women’s cycling site: a response to Wade Wallace

I’ll admit that this was a blog post I could not leave alone…perhaps I should. But as a previous recipient of the Iris Dixon Women’s Champion Award from Cycling Victoria I’m not hesitating to respond to what Wade Wallce, founder of Cycling Tips website, had to say on this morning’s Ella Cycling Tips website post in his article ‘Nine things I learned about launching a women’s cycling website’.

irisLast year winning the iris Dixon Award, and this year’s recipient’s Ella Cycling Tips


Last Sunday Ella Cycling Tips received the Cycling Victoria Iris Dixon Award for 2016 for their achievements in creating a women’s version of the Cycling Tips website in an effort to increase the awareness of women’s cycling and raise the profile of the sport. There is no doubt they have achieved much and they are to be congratulated for what they have created and what has clearly been a monumental task.

But when Wade posted ‘Nine things I learned after launching a women’s cycling website’ I was intrigued…here is a bloke writing about what he has learned about setting up a site dedicated to women! My quiet chuckles aside, I read with interest because I take this stuff seriously. I run a business, website, blog and social media dedicated to women’s cycling.
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If the shoe fits….


Shoe choice can be a baffling decision for the new rider moving from running shoes to clip-in pedals, and the price points can seem just as fraught with confusion coupled with a degree of price envy when making a purchase! We all want that bargain for less than recommended retail right?  But just exactly what is is that makes a $100 shoe different to the $450 shoe? I was asked this question recently when I posted a photo of my lovely shoe collection on social media…why do I love the S-Works so much was the question posed. Why are they so different to the rest? Continue reading If the shoe fits….

Why do I have so many gloves?

Picture this: the start gun has blasted, the crowd cheers and bit by bit the snake of lycra clad warriors edges forward to the start gantry. Timer running, anticipation of the hills is thick in the air…but WAIT!! HOLD EVERYTHING!!

Has anyone seen my gloves…hello….HAS ANYONE SEEN MY ^%*&#^ GLOVES!!

Yep, this is what happened to me. But as that snake of riders crept further toward the start line, and gradually the crowd started to thin, my temper flared to bike throwing point and I knew this called for drastic action lest I be the last rider across the start line….and one without gloves!

I ran to the nearest pop-up stall and paid the hefty sum of $30 for some new gloves that didn’t even match my kit…what was I thinking!! Riding without hand protection is one thing, but non-matching gloves. You have got to be kidding!

So I admit, I have a draw full of gloves! In an effort to justify this gelled and leather collection that my better half happened upon and promptly asked for an explanation, I think a review of the items is my ticket out of this rather unsettling discussion at home. ‘But you see sweet better-half, this is important research…I need to test ALL these gloves.’

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BBB Alpineshield jacket and BBB Ladyshield leggings…the review!

Did I hear you say PINK? Yes?

Well you know I’m a sucker when it comes to a bit of pink cycling gear. I happened to be writing an article for Ride On magazine about finding cycling gear to fit larger bods, so I contacted BBB and they told me they’d send their Alpineshield women’s jacket with some leggings.

What colour way would I like…black and white, or black and HOT PINK? Well duh guys, you know which I’m gonna choose there. So, I was supplied with both the Alpineshield ladies softshell jacket in the black/hot pink colour way, paired with the Ladyshield tights with chamois. The jacket retails for $179.99, while the legs retails for $139.99…both range from S to XXL (and the XXL fits me, with a 40″ bust, just fine).

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